AngularNYC July Meetup

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 18:00
AngularJS NYC
New York

4:00 - RSVP closes 

6:00 - Food and chat

6:30 - Talk: What's New in Angular 4.3?

6:45 - Talk: Dry Angular Testing

7:15 - Break

7:30 - Talk: ngrx Pattern

8:00 - Drinks at The Wild Son(53 Little W 12th St)

Note: WebVR Starter with A-Frame By Jo Chasinga has been postponed due to unforeseen obligations.

DRY Angular testing

By Eudes Petonnet-Vincent @EudesPV

In this talk Eudes will start with a typical pattern for Angular testing, as found in the docs, and extract as much as to keep the test files as DRY as possible.

With the help of the little-known secret powers of Jasmine and Typescript, he will do it in a way that helps fight memory leaks and give all of you the typing tools you love from your favorite IDE.

About Eudes:
UI and Angular developer, tech lead for Clarity at VMware. When he's not working on the overall architecture of Clarity and the quality of the code, he likes to push Angular to its limits by trying out crazy prototypes.

What's New in Angular 4.3?

By Sophia Bok

ngrx Pattern

By Daiyan Alamgir 

IMPORTANT: Please use your FULL REAL NAME and bring your ID.


111 8th ave entrance