Adding AI Smarts to your Software Solutions with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 18:30
New York ALT.NET Software Development Group
New York


In all its previous hype-cycles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) repeatedly fell far short of its promises.  Computers were under-powered and consuming AI was too complicated, leaving its benefits unapproachable to all but a small group of experts.  But now advances in Machine Learning coupled with the scale of the Azure Cloud bring us Microsoft Cognitive Services, a collection of purpose-built capabilities based on AI and Machine Learning that make it possible for developers of all backgrounds to easily enrich their own projects with these powerful capabilities.

In this talk we’ll explore the universe of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and understand how to use them in your own software projects.  We’ll explore services for Facial Recognition, object detection, Natural Language Processing (NLP), as well as Topic Extraction and Sentiment Analysis.  We’ll apply these services to various media types from still images to video to text to discover how easy it can be to bring the power of AI and Machine Learning into your own software systems.


<a href=""></a>Stephen Bohlen

Currently a Principal Software Engineer for the Commercial Software Engineering (CSE, formerly DX) Team within Microsoft Corporation, Stephen brings his varied 25-plus-years of experience in software and technology to assist select Microsoft Partner organizations in their adoption of cutting-edge and pre-release Microsoft developer products and technologies.

Stephen is also an active contributor to several .NET Open-Source Software projects including NHibernate, Spring.NET, NDbUnit, Common.Logging, and others.  Stephen is also a past Microsoft MVP award recipient, a member of the ASP Insiders and Visual C# Insiders, and formerly held the office of the Vice President of INETA, North America.

This meeting will be held at the Microsoft offices as usual. Check the Meetup site for details!


11 Times Square