Actionable Insights: From Analytics to Automation (+ pizza, beer/drinks & swag!)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 18:30
SQL NYC, The NoSQL & NewSQL Database Meetup
New York

Free pizza, beer, drinks, swag & much more!

Yaron Haviv, CTO & founder, iguazio

A Database Month event

Today's businesses require real-time analytics and automation to optimize decision making and reduce human intervention. Participants at this action-packed event will learn how to leverage continuous analytics to drive actionable insights for production use. With continuous analytics, fresh and historical data drive real-time insights and actions for production use.

In this session, iguazio CTO Yaron Haviv will explain iguazio's parallel computing approach and will go over the steps for continuous analytics:

• Ingestion from a variety of sources

• Real-time enrichment with historical data

• Merge & aggregation

• Machine learning

• Serverless event processing

• Real-time dashboards

Participants will be introduced to new methods that eliminate complex data wrangling and alternatively suggest concurrent development and integration using microservices over a unified data layer.

Yaron will also present use-cases that demonstrate how companies from diverse industries utilize machine learning and real-time streaming to drive actionable insights.

Use-cases will include:

• Cyber Security - Detecting and overcoming security threats in real-time

• Financial Services - Real-time market data monitoring and analysis

• IoT - Operating actuators according to real-time sensor data

Yaron Haviv, CTO & founder, iguazio

Yaron Haviv is a serial entrepreneur who has deep technological experience in the fields of big data, cloud, storage and networking.

Prior to Iguazio, Haviv was the Vice President of Datacenter Solutions at Mellanox, where he led technology innovation, software development and solution integrations. Haviv was the key driver of open source initiatives and new solutions with leading database and storage vendors, enterprise organizations, cloud and Web 2.0 customers.

Before Mellanox, Haviv was the CTO and Vice President of R&D at Voltaire, a high performance, computing, IO and networking company. Haviv often speaks at big data and cloud technology events.

Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm 
Power-Networking at 6:35pm 
Presentation starts at 6:40pm

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