Your smart fridge as a data connector in Power BI

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 18:00
London Power BI Users Group

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Session 1 (Short Session):
Power BI's newest map visual

Explore the features of Power BI's newest map visual about to be released to the store. James Dales will show how to use different mapping layers, draw data bound images and lines between points, or more traditional circles. Display live weather layers and how to highlighting to great affect.

Session 2:
Your smart fridge as a data connector in Power BI

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Igor Cotruta
is a data hacker and BI specialist focusing on the Microsoft data platform. He blogs about his latest findings in the Power BI world at  and tweets at @igocrete

Connect Power BI to anything. Data Connectors from Power BI enables users to access data from previously unreachable data sources. By integrating seamlessly into the Get Data experience for Power BI Desktop, data connectors make it easy for Power BI users to query, shape and mashup data from your app. In this session, we will tap into the new extensibility model of Power Query and will showcase how to build a Power BI custom data connector for Dropbox. We will cover the entire journey from authorizing an OAuth2 enabled web app -- to publishing the custom data connector to GitHub.

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