Workshop: Turning Ideas into Businesses with Jeff Skinner - The Idea Factory

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 18:00
King's Student Entrepreneurship Institute

This session will help you begin to turn embrionic ideas into a viable businesses.  The key to this is to start asking yourself now the questions that investors may ask you later.  It is by knowing the things that worry them that we come to understand what our priorities should be in the short term and in the longer term - where we need to spend our time and energy to build a valuable business that others will want to invest in.

Justifying the viability of an idea and setting out a plan for ‘execution’ is not something you can do in a vacuum and the main purpose of this session is to talk about the kind of preparation you need to do – essentially market research – which has the added real benefit of forcing you to ask the right questions and talk to people and firms who you’re dependent on for the venture to succeed. Once you have this information then putting a pitch together is almost trivial.

Please be advised this workshop will take place at the London Business School in the Transmed Lecture Theatre (LT8) which is on the first floor of E-Wing on the main London Business School Campus.

*This workshop is particularly relevant to those entering the Idea Factory competition*

  • This workshop is open to King's College London students, staff and alumni only
  • Please sign up using your email address
  • No previous entrepreneurial knowledge or experience required

Attendance at this workshop will count towards the King's Enterprise Award. If you have any questions please email Learning Programme Manager, Entrepreneurship Institute, King's College London,

Transmed Lecture Theatre (LT8)

London Business School,26 Sussex Place London NW1 4SA