Workshop: Pitching your idea: INSPIRE THE ROOM with Tim Benton

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 17:30
King's Student Entrepreneurship Institute

The difference between a good and a great pitch or presentation is down to delivery. If you can't inspire the room, you won't be memorable. This practical session will empower participants to use their posture, their breathing and their voice to create the presence and authority necessary to deliver amazing pitches.

The session will be led and facilitated by Tim Benton. Tim has delivered as lead coach for MSVentures, Ignite, CRL, alongside Startup Bootcamp, Rainmaking Innovation and KPMG. From an acting and directing background, he has an incredible ability to read the room and know exactly what the client needs. Tim is big on transformation and will endeavour to see people walk out of the room having progressed. 

*This workshop is particularly relevant to those entering the Idea Factory competition*

  • This workshop is open to King's College London students, staff and alumni only
  • Please sign up using your email address
  • No previous entrepreneurial knowledge or experience required

Attendance at this workshop will count towards the King's Enterprise Award. If you have any questions please email Learning Programme Manager, Entrepreneurship Institute, King's College London,