Working with vulnerability as you navigate your digital career

Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 18:30
10 Digital Ladies

Career progression, grappling with unfamiliar experiences, learning new stuff - all these things take us out of our comfort zone, into that place where we feel really quite exposed and vulnerable. And this is particularly acute in digital - after all, what's digital if it's not a constant stream of career changes and learning new stuff? Yet, that feeling of vulnerability can often prevent us asking for support when we most need it, or stop us doing the thing that really shows how properly awesome we are, robbing us of the opportunity to progress. Ladies (and men!), it's high time we wrestled this subject. Just as well we've got an incredible panel who'll help us do just that.

Co hosting this event with, 10 Digital Ladies co-founder, Lucia Adams, is Sarah Tan, winner of the Talent Development Award, which honours someone who has focused on developing digital talent, either in their organisation or across their sector. Sarah is an independent consultant in digital operations, with a focus on amplifying the work of social impact organisations through technology. She learned to code while in university studying linguistics and was a web developer for 10 years. She worked in education, not-for-profits, and politics in the US and UK, and her experience leading development teams led her to do an MBA. With the combination of her technical and operational experience, she now helps her clients to embrace digital and scale their impact. Organisations she has worked for include Harvard University, MIT, Blue State Digital, the Labour Party, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and Ada, National College for Digital Skills.

Sarah has tangibly benefitted from the power of relationships and networks during her own career transitions, even as as a natural introvert. In working with youth outreach and employment initiatives, she talks about reframing “scary” things like networking as skills that can be consciously learned and developed with practice. Find her on and hear about her here:

The panel will also include:
- Eunice Aquilina who has a Doctorate in Coaching and Organisation Development and an MSc in Organisational Behaviour. She is a certified somatic coach having completed 10 years of study with Strozzi Institute. She runs an organisation and leadership development consultancy, eaconsult and works with individuals, executive teams and organisations to unlock their capacity to navigate emergent change, clarify their purpose, cultivate leadership presence and build skilful ways to connect with others. Eunice developed the ground-breaking programme “Stepping Into Your Power” which helps women in senior leadership positions. Her book, Embodying Authenticity uses case studies from work she has done with Swarovski, Microsoft and E.ON Find her at
- Kat Lister who currently works as a freelance features journalist in London and is dedicated to highlighting women’s issues around the world. Over her decade-long career, she has written for influential and globally recognised news brands and influential publications including: VICE, The Pool (where she has edited news and features), The Telegraph and Marie Claire. Her words have been translated into many languages as a result.
-Sara Feldman is one of three founders of London-based Dialoguers, a business using technology to bring a highly-effective Scandinavian psychotherapy to people experiencing mental and emotional distress across the globe. American psychotherapist, social worker, educator, and mom Sara has provided psychosocial training to governments, organizations, communities, and the United Nations and is a lecturer at Columbia University. Sara is passionate about helping people to accept and integrate all the messy parts of themselves and their stories in order to have deeper, more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. @exquisite_mess


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