Why Women in A.I.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 18:30
Artificial Intelligence Meetup - London

Read the blog post from Tabitha on Why Women in AI and come along to discuss and debate how to get more women into AI. - http://cognitionx.com/why-women-in-ai/

Academics and industry leaders are training machines to 'Think Like Us'. Machines can navigate a map with real time traffic, spot cancer earlier than a human eye, predict crop yields, trade stock, teach in school, beat a human at Jeopardy or Go, schedule meetings, paint an (unnoticeably) fake Van Gogh, predict social unrest, troll people on Twitter and influence elections.

It’s vital that the 'Us' in 'Think Like Us' is representative.
Empathy, nurturing, listening, multi-tasking, intuition, teaching and mothering are skills and qualities we need to be involved in training AI machines. The question is how to ensure they are at the table.

I believe there is an urgent need to get more women involved. It’s crucial that AI is inherently built with equality at the centre.
CognitionX is a Community and Directory for All Things AI. Our mission is to bring clarity to the complex world of AI and provide an online tool and physical events to help companies to deploy AI with less risk.

Come along to our inaugural event and discuss, debate and move the conversation on.


Maxine Mackintosh - Founding Director, One HealthTech

Maxine is the Founding Director of One HealthTech – a network which champions and supports underrepresented groups in health innovation, particularly women, to be the future leaders in healthcare. She does this alongside a data science PhD at UCL where she is mining medical records for new predictors of dementia. Her professional work has led her to the Royal Society, Roche, L’Oreal, Department for International Development, and NHS England. On the side, she is a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum, Fellow of the Digital Health Forum, Associate Vice Chair for the British Computer Society (Health) and mentor and judge for a number of awards and hackathons. She seriously loves digital health…and fancy dress.

Silvia Chiappa - Research Scientist, Google DeepMind

Silvia works as a Machine Learning researcher at DeepMind, a Neuroscience-inspired AI company. Her interests are based around Bayesian reasoning, approximate inference, time-series models, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. At DeepMind Silvia has been working on deep predictive models of high-dimensional temporal sequences that can be used by artificial agents to act and plan efficiently. She also sits on DeepMind's gender diversity steering group.

Joanna Bryson Reader at University of Bath, and Affiliate, Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University

Dr. Sandra Wachter Postdoctoral Research Fellow Oxford Internet Institute

Tracey Groves Partner at PwC: Governance, Risk and Compliance Leader

- Dr Jessica Wade will be producing an infographic from the event

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