UX: Empathy in Design

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 19:00
The Digital Pond

About the event

Delivering a phenomenal user experience (UX) is all about connecting with your user and deducing exactly what they want and need. To do that, we rely on extensive research. But are we neglecting something?

The latest Digital Pond event will show how we risk forgetting our users – the very people we’re building for! – in mountains of data. We’ll explore how to reconnect and return our users to the heart of our UX designs. To do this, all we need is a little empathy.

Join us on Thursday 14th of September from 6.30pm (talks start at 7pm) for Empathy in Design. To grab your seat, click on the link at the bottom of the page and take a few minutes to fill out some details.

This event is brought to you by Cyber-Duck, a full service digital agency that crafts award-winning user experiences. Check out the speakers, hosted with General Assembly!

Our speakers

Matt Gibson

Matt is the Chief Production Officer at Cyber-Duck, an award-winning digital agency. In his session, Evil UX - Create better user experiences through evil thinking, Matt will explore how you can promote user-centricity by approaching UX like a super villain! Designing like an evil genius at the start can lead to more creative and empathic design solutions that will make your users’ lives better.

Lola Oyelayo

Lola is Director at Own Your Own Experience, an independent consultancy for businesses. In her session, 5 Ways to Build and Maintain Empathy in Your Design, Lola delves into current practice and whether we’re building empathy or simply collecting endless streams of responses to support existing ideas.

Ulrich Boulon

Ulrich will draw on his experience at Burberry to share insights on how to ensure that empathy with the customer is at the centre of every design decision, and how chatbots can play a key role in this. He will discuss the origin of chatbots and how Burberry has utilised them through design thinking and lean UX collaboration.

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