Updates on Deep Learning

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 19:00
London Exponential Technologies Meetup

7:00PM Doors Open

7:15PM Latest updates on deep learning hardware and software. Hardware includes the Nvidia Volta V100 GPU processor, Intel Nervana, Google's TPU, deep learning ASICs and the various cloud service offerings. Software developments include progress in multi-modal, transfer and reinforcement learning algorithms.

O'Reilly have also kindly provided some books and swag to giveaway.

8:20PM Aidan Hobson Sayers will be speaking on Hadean, a new platform bringing cloud computing to Deep Learning. Hadean is rebuilding the whole compute stack, from the bare metal up, so that the age of zero ops and infinite scalability can at last be realized. Now your deep learning algorithms can run on top of just 8,000 lines of code, optimised to the theoretical limits of what is possible for Big Data. Hadean’s cloud-based platform enables you to run deep learning algorithms using your existing tool chain (Rust, C, Linux, etc.) predictably at any data scale, resulting in an exponentially faster product release. Using Hadean, tasks that would normally take a team of several deep learning engineers a period of six months, can be accomplished by a single individual writing a pure algorithm in a matter of weeks. http://www.hadean.com

Aidan studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge and has been responsible for transforming DevOps in a 600 developer company and co-authoring a book on Docker. He currently works as a Lead Developer at Hadean where he builds out their platform as a service infrastructure and codebase.

9:00PM Networking over pizza and drinks.

9:30PM Doors close.

Innovation Warehouse

1st Floor, 1 East Poultry Avenue