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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 18:30
The London Android Group - Londroid

Join us for the 7th Londroid of 2017, where we will be at the Telegraph office. 

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6:00 - Registration open 

6:30 - Welcome to Londroid 

6:35 - Telegraph Introduction 

6:45 - Talk One: It's a Kotlin, Kotlin, Kotlin World

7:15 - Q&A 

7:30 - Talk Two:  Architecture Components - Behind the Scenes

8:00 - Q&A 

8:15 - Social

The Telegraph Introduction

For 162 years The Telegraph has been at the forefront of the media industry and despite the incredible legacy it never settles and continues to reshape itself for the digital era. The Mobile team in the Technology Department continue to develop successful and innovative projects that have grown to become some of the most popular mobile apps in the News category.

Ciro Rizzo

Ciro Rizzo is the Tech Lead for the Mobile Channel at The Telegraph.He is an experienced software engineer primarily with an Android development background, and in his current role is overseeing the technical development of the mobile Android projects at TMG.He has worked on several international projects across Europe before moving to London to focus on Mobile development.

Talk One: It's a Kotlin, Kotlin, Kotlin World

Kotlin's popularity has exploded in the past year and Google's announcement of first-party support at I/O means it's only going to keep increasing. Now is the perfect time to jump on the language as its future in mobile and beyond is very bright. This talk start with a short introduction to the language syntax and features and their benefits. We'll then cover its use in building Android apps, writing Gradle build scripts, and using in IDE/Gradle plugins. Finally we'll take a look at where the language is headed and see if it can deliver on a promise of cross-platform use.

Jake Wharton 

Jake Wharton is an Android engineer at Square working on Square Cash. He has been living with a severe allergy to boilerplate code and bad APIs for years and speaks at conferences all around the world in an effort to educate more about this terrible disease.


Talk Two: Architecture Components - Behind the Scenes

Architecture Components, which were released at IO'17, are a new set of libraries and guides focusing on application development. In this talk, I am going to talk about why this project started, how we've developed it with the community feedback and what we are trying to achieve with it. I will also share some background information about some of the technical choices we made and the future of the project.

Yigit Boyar 

Yigit is a software engineer on the Android Framework team focusing on app architecture and developer productivity. He also works on Data Binding and RecyclerView. Prior to joining Google, he was the Android Engineering Manager at Path. He received his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey.


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