Swimming in the Sea of Feedback with Helen Meek & Richard Arpino

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 18:30
Kanban Coaching Exchange

Arrive for 18:30 for a beverage and a mingle. The session will start at 7pm and end at 8pm, or whenever the pizza arrives :)

About the Session

When someone says ‘feedback’, what’s the first thing you think of? It was the retrospective, right?

Similar to a magic trick, this is due to preconditioning that makes this a predictable answer. It may be our go to type of feedback but it is not the only one. It might not even be the best one, depending on your goal.

We want to inspire you to look a little differently at your team and organisation. You work in a sea of feedback, some obvious - some not.

This is a workshop and the exercise we take you through is designed to be repeatable. You can take these ideas and uncover your organisations specific types of feedback, allowing you to gain new perspectives.

About the Speakers

Helen is an outgoing and driven coach and trainer who is passionate about working with individuals, teams and organisations on their road to agility. She has worked with many varied organisations and teams in many different industries and brings this vast wealth of experience and knowledge to her training and coaching.

Helen is proud to be an Accredited Kanban Trainer with the Lean Kanban University and runs regular classes publicly and privately. Not forgetting her roots, Helen is also a regular trainer for agile and scrum. She is a great believer in sharing her knowledge and encouraging others to do the same, and enjoys growing the agile and kanban communities. Helen is an authentic coach with many years of real, practical experience and war wounds from her own agile journey. This is what makes Helen the ideal coach, trainer and leader.


Richard grew up in software development, brought up by developers where he cut his teeth in both small start-ups and some of the largest companies in the world. Following the problem led him to scrum and kanban, moving away from engineering, which had been his focus since the beginning of his career.

Working with teams is what Richard feels a calling for. He likes to blend agile principles and behaviours with a mix of other influences to create unique learning environments for the teams he works with. He thrives on the quirky and the unfamiliar and loves hearing from people with the same ethos.


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