Stream SQL and Realtime Applications with Apache Flink

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 18:30
Apache Flink London Meetup

Hi all, as promised Stephan Ewen (CTO & CO-Founder of Data Artisans) will be with us on the 18th to help us kick-off our meetups again.

You can find the abstract of the talk below. I look forward to seeing everyone. As always, we are open to hearing from anyone in the community who wants to share some of their Flink experience. Contact me directly if you do!

See you there!

Over the last years, data stream processing has redefined how many of us build data pipelines. Apache Flink is one of the systems at the forefront of that development: With its versatile APIs (event-time streaming, Stream SQL, events/state) and powerful execution model, Flink has been part of re-defining what stream processing can do. By now, Apache Flink powers some of the largest data stream processing pipelines in the world. In this talk, we going to give an all-round overview of the latest and greatest features and applications that have come to Flink over the last months. We will dive into:
- Flink's Streaming SQL as an easy way to do unified approach to Batch- and Stream Processing - Flink's low-level event APIs to build sophisticated event-driven applications and services - How to build a powerful streaming application infrastructure using streams and snapshots as application building blocks. All parts are presented as a mix of concepts and a practical demo.

28-30 Grosvenor Gardens