A special evening of Red Hat at Linuxing in London

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 18:00
Linuxing In London

Hashtag: #LinuxingInLondon

We are immensely proud to be able to announce another special evening of Red Hat at Linuxing in London.

The evenings with our friends from Red Hat are the best!


There will be lovely food, plenty of swag and great talks. We have a fun evening and plenty of laughs.

This event will fill up quickly! Tickets will be released in batches.

Highly recommended.


18:00 Doors open.

18:15 Welcome by the evening's MC, Brian Byrne.

18:30 Ian “Uth” Lawson - Enterprise Strength Containers
18:50 Q&A

18:55 Matt York - Building a demo lab with open source software
19:15 Q&A

19:20 Break
19:35 Olive Power - Every move you make.
19:55 Q&A

20:00 Anthony Kesterton - Make your Browser Sing (or mystery speaker: Fedora 26 - an expert's view)
20:20 Q&A

20:25 Community slot.
20:30 Free raffle and prize draw.

20:35 Swagadelic time with Red Hat and Linuxing In London

20:45 Retire to Skills Matter's bar.


There is still plenty to be organised and our free raffle will contain a mystery item of technology or two! Hint!


NB: We make an extra effort to ensure women and members of women’s groups can participate and equal out the gender imbalance in technology. Women should just sign up and stay on the waiting list, you will be let through first.


Many thanks to Skills Matter for the venue and hospitality.

Please sign up at Skills Matter as well.

Don't forget to read their code of conduct and our's.

Hashtag: #LinuxingInLondon

Speakers' biographies and abstracts:

1. Enterprise Strength Containers by Ian “Uth” Lawson

Lots of juicy info on Containers, orchestration and the sublime developer experience of OSCP. Lots of demos and hopefully spirited debate. Loads of cool demos. By the end of the chat everyone in the room should want to go play with it.

I was a developer from 1990 until 2013 specialising in cutting edge technologies and massive data analysis/searching for multiple Government agencies, I switched to the dark side of vendors because I really disliked vendors and wanted the best of them to crush the rest. Huge FOSS advocate (consumer) for many years and a JAVA techhead, but never having had used Linux (what an odd little OS) I quickly adapted to the technology at Red Hat and set out on my master plan to influence them from within as a customer-secret-agent.

Seriously though, love Red Hat to bits, only company I'll ever work for again, and OpenShift is the technology I was yearning for, and trying to write, for decades so it's the ultimate rush to be involved with trying to help customers over the technology pitfalls I was stuck in for years.

Ian Lawson on LinkedIn

Ian Lawson's blog

2. Building a demo lab with open source software - Matt York

I'll be discussing the challenges and success we've had to design and create a lab for Red Hat SA's to demonstrate products to customers using Red Hat products. We've learned many lessons from issues with hardware and software, as well as trying to bring a level of control and sanity to a multi-tenant environment populated with experienced sysadmins all fighting for their corner.

From a product perspective, we'll talk about

History of labs in Red Hat.
Products we deployed (RHV, Sat6, Ansible Tower, gitlab, Openshift container platform, RHEL Atomic, IDM (FreeIPA)) to name a few.
The architectural challenges
Lessons learned
The future

I'm a specialist solutions architect working for Red Hat in the UK focusing on infrastructure and automation. I've been at Red Hat for 2 1/2 years, however, I've been using Unix & Linux since 1995. Over the years I've used most of the major distributions.

I've worked in application support, as a sysadmin, infrastructure designer, infrastructure consultant, and a solutions architect within the UK telco industry. Currently, I'm spending a lot of time with Ansible, IDM (FreeIPA), KVM and RHEL and Foreman / Satellite 6.

Matt York on LinkedIn

3. Every move you make - Olive Power

Many of the tools that are being used in the cloud space today can trace some ancestry back to what has been before, and not least with respect to Cloudforms - RedHat’s multiple cloud and container management platform.  I will show how this product has evolved into one of the most comprehensive management and automation tools on the market today, with innovation driven from a vibrant upstream community - ManageIQ and Ansible.

With ManageIQ - we strive to Manage All the things - so that once you know what you have, then you know what you have to do. We will see how we can visualise, track, interact with, control, monitor and react to events on all resources within your enterprise.

I am a specialist cloud, automation and orchestration SA for Red Hat UK. I have worked in Enterprise Automation for many years. Many times I have sat back and watched how automation can literally save the day and have spent a lot of time convincing management that , in the correct hands, automation is the only viable day-to-day management solution.

On the other side,  I have witnessed, been responsible for, scrambled and fixed many many instances where automation goes wrong, and so have a healthy wary respect for it. Having come from working for projects that are predominantly MS and HP vendor based; I am finding Red Hat a very different, and positive proposition.

I was a scientist before that for several years and happy to see that a lot of the painstaking laboratory stuff I used to do late into the night…counting spots on petri dishes, measuring protein fluorescence within a cell solution and graphing the results - has all been automated. What more could I have done with all that extra time…?!!

Olive Power on LinkedIn

Olive Power on Github

4. Make your Browser Sing - Anthony Kesterton

Abstract: And now for something a little different. Why let your machine stay silent? With a more recent browser, and some simple Javascript, and a few libraries, you can turn your browser into a sampler, or a drum machine.  In this session we will note some of the useful functions built in to the webkit libraries, and the NexusUI for music-related applications. Forget downloading software in seconds, or using the built-in tools like MIDI players - sweat over curious Javascript errors, silent speakers and eventually create some noise (perhaps). We may also talk about IKEA furniture as computer racks, and, a new topic, what restaurants in Boston consider a light desert.

Biography: I started my computing career after seeing how boring studying law might be.  Built hardware, written low-level code to control things, analysed satellite data before going to the real world and worked on software for Transputer. After a jump to C/C++ and Unix admin, I ended up doing more requirements and design work, and looked at development processes for customers while part of Rational Software. 

I then spent over a decade at Big Blue, working on Rational tools and processes again and then dipped my toe into the Cloud world with Cloud Foundry. I was delighted to join Red Hat where my colleagues are brilliant, people are very helpful and it felt like home from the very beginning.

Apart from organising Red Hat speakers for Linuxing In London, I help the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project as an Academic Ambassador, and interview people for the Kenley Battle of Britain oral history project.

Anthony Kesterton on LinkedIn<a></a>

Anthony Kesterton on Twitter

5. Looking forward to the new Fedora 26, the speaker is to be confirmed.

Fedora 26 was released last week.

We might have a special expert speaker talking about its new features and it working on some of the alternative platforms, including the Raspberry Pi 3.


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