Scrum Event - Retrospective Masterclass

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 18:00
Women Who Code London

On Wednesday, September 20, we will be having a Scrum Event - Retrospective Masterclass: How honesty and vulnerability creates resilient, high performing teams.  We will be hosted by ASOS (who have been hosting our other events in the past).

Rough Schedule -
6:00 - 6:45pm - Arrival, Networking, Food, Drinks
6:45 - 6:50pm - Welcome / Intros
6:50 - 8:00pm - Talk/Workshop proper
8:00 - 8:30pm - More Networking, Food, Drinks

If you’ve read of or attended a Retrospective before, you’re familiar with the standard “What went well, what didn’t go so well” routine. Leave your notions of that at the door, and get ready to explore a completely different side of Retro’s. 

In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll navigate the often neglected waters of honesty, empathy, and courage in teamwork. We’ll discuss why creating space for team members to connect on a personal level is the key to creating great teams (and great places to work). 

We’ll explore the theory underpinning the practise, how that practise has evolved over time, why we should all be experimenting constantly, common pitfalls, and of course, the resources for us all to start or continue along our journey.

Whether you’re an old hand at facilitating these kinds of interactions and need a refresher, or have no experience and want to learn how to apply this in your context, we’re creating a space to learn, ask, and discuss. 

We all have the ability to nurture and grow our teams - sometimes all we need are the right tools. 

Who will this suit?

Members of any team

Those looking to build high-performing teams, or strengthen existing teams

People passionate about bringing heart and soul into their work

We’ll cover:

Theory: what, why, when, who, where, as well as the history and future of the space

Practise: resources, case studies, how it works in your context, how to run great Retro’s, how to articulate the value to  management or team members

Question and Answers >>

Common questions we will explore:

How often?

How do we help everyone understand the value in it?

We’ve tried it before, but we didn’t know how to get team members to share?

How do you prevent interpersonal conflict?

Plus all of your own!

The workshop will be given by Phillip Kapeleris

Phillip is passionate about creating meaningful change through education and technology, and is committed to bringing compassion and heart to where it is needed most. 

Currently at Australia’s largest bank, he serves by coaching teams towards better ways to work, and designing operational structures to support them. 

When he's not buried in a book, barbell, or yoga mat, you can find him making friends with stranger’s animals, writing his own fiction, and travelling the world to visit the haunts of his favourite authors.


Greater London House, Hampstead Road. London. NW1 7FB