ProductTank June - Data & Product Management

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 18:30

Data & Product Management

How can Product Managers make best use of the increasing amount of data we have at our finger tips? In this session we'll look at building products which have data at their hearts, the rise of machine learning and how to explain all of this to people without a technical background.

Ali Gulez - Data Scientist at Trainline

Ali will be talking about how Machine Learning can improve user experience and create value for a technology company. He will draw a clear picture of the data science workflow through real life examples at Trainline and elsewhere.

Jenessa Lancaster - Data Scientist at Ocado Technology

This talk will discuss communicating technical or data science concepts to non-specialist audiences, such as customers or business stakeholders. It will touch on the challenges and benefits of doing this well, with tips and approaches from experience in academic and commercial settings, and consider the conversation from the data scientist's and product owner's perspectives.

Ben Fields - Lead Data Scientist at FutureLearn

Ben will talk about the relationship between Product Managers and data people. He'll look at how to work out people's background understanding, the benefits of leading with a story and how best to spread knowledge from his experience at FutureLearn.


This month's curator is Magda Coutts. Magda is a Product Manager at the Copyright Licensing Agency where she works on different tools that help education clients manage their various licensing needs. She is also one of ProductTank London's organisers without whom none of the meetups would be possible!


A huge thanks to our sponsoring partner this month, Knowit - - a long standing ProductTank partner. Knowit specialise in Product and Development hiring. We are passionate about these markets – we believe in their growth and we want to be part of it. We’re a small business, therefore our reputation means everything, this is why we focus on building great relationships. We don’t want to supply you with one candidate or one opportunity. We’re in it for the long haul, consistently helping you to be a success.

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