A primer on Azure Time Series Insights and CosmosDB roundup

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 18:00
UK Azure User Group

2 speaker session, Richard Conway and Sandy May. Last talk of the summer!

In this session Richard Conway will detail Microsoft's new offering Azure Time Series Insights, describing the scenarios it's used in, giving a background on time series analysis and why it's necessary and the problems Insights offers over traditional solutions. Fairly fluid and demo heavy.

In addition Sandy May will cover all the new features of CosmosDB, Microsoft's flagship "planet scale" document database.

Come for the talks or come for the beer. Either way we'd love to see you!


Richard Conway is a long time user of Azure. He's the founder of Elastacloud and @ukazure. Like all other tech crazies he started life on a ZX81 and never stopped geeking out, authoring book, presenting and contributing to open source. He's a big fan of Apache Spark which has permeated his consciousness since v0.4. He's also a long-time study of time series statistical techniques and more recently the application of deep learning to modelling time series.

Sandy May is a Data Engineer at Elastacloud with a strong academic history and a keen open source interest. Sandy is currently working on a myriad of OSS projects to bring capabilities of open file formats to Microsoft distributed data platform services.

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