Painless javascript testing

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 18:45
London JavaScript Community

Hi JSLovers
this month we are going to talk about testing in any shape and form, definitely a topic that any developer should have in our own ninja belt

Painless javascript testing
Testing frontend applications is non trivial, because there are multiple ways to do this and the best one is not always clear. I will start by talking about my general approach to testing frontend applications and will follow by talking about why and how we use Jest (unit and integration), Cypress (integration and end-to-end) and Chromatic (visual regression) to be confident about our code at Nested.

Deividas Karžinauskas
Deividas is a fullstack software engineer helping Nested to fix UK's property industry. He started coding when his family business required a technological overhaul and since then he worked with a range of technologies. He is betting big on JS and is passionate about building amazing software.

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