Opensource Graph Technologies: Applications Built with Graphs

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 18:30
Opensource Graph Technologies

Scalable Graph Partitioning in the Cloud
By Claudio Martella, Software Engineer at Google

Claudio (in Collaboration with Facebook) will talk about Spinner, a scalable algorithm built using Apache Giraph, that can partition 1 trillion-edge of the Facebook graphs and speed up distributed graph analytics workloads ran on it, up to 5x.

Moogi: The Film Discovery Engine
By Haikal Pribadi, Founder and CEO of GRAKN.AI is a movie discovery engine that lets you search for the movies that you want, in the way that you want. Powered by GRAKN.AI, Moogi traverses the complex relationships inherent in the corpus of movie information available on the internet by organising the semantic metadata into a Knowledge Graph. We'll show you how we used a knowledge graph to build an application that allows you to find exactly what you want, explore connections between movies, and built an intelligent content-based recommendation engine, using graph algorithms.

Graph database usage in Financial Crime prevention
By James Phare, Managing Director of Data To Value

The Panama Papers expose of 2016 helped graph databases achieve mainstream recognition as a key technology in fighting modern financial crime. However financial crime takes many different forms and criminals adapt their behaviour as prevention capabilities improve. In this talk James will discuss his experience of implementing financial crime prevention tools, how graph databases are currently used and how this is changing as new connected data technologies, standards and techniques emerge.

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