Open Source coding, Linux and Toolchain tricks

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 18:00
Linuxing In London

We shall have a fascinating evening on open source coding, Linux and toolchain tricks.

There will be talks on Go Lang, Swift and Rust from experts in the community.

Our hashtag is #LinuxingInLondon

Please sign up at Skills Matter too.

18:00 Doors open.

18:15 What is Linuxing in London by Michael Lane.
18:30 Spoilt for choice? Computer languages through the ages by Brian Byrne.

18:45 Express Go tooling by Eggya Chiquita.
19:25 Q&A

19:30 Swift for Arduino - an experimental compiler by Carl Peto.
19:55 Q&A

20:00 Short break

20:05 Rust and Friends by Mark Santa Ana.
20:25 Q&A

20:30 Community slot and raffle.
Skills Matter provides light refreshments, so enjoy the tea, coffee and biscuits. Please ensure you have read our code of conduct.

Please sign up at Skills Matter too.


Speakers' biographies and abstracts:

Eggya Chiquita is a software and a co-organiser of @womenwhogolndn

"So, you’ve heard about Go and want to give it a try?
This is a fast-track on ‘getting your machine up and ready for Go’.
We’ll be talking about setting up, common tooling, resources and maybe even get a Go server running."

Eggya on Twitter
Eggya on Github
Eggya on Linkedin


Carl Peto

"I have spent 20 or 30 years working with all kinds of computer tech I could get my hands on. From big machines back in the 90s down to little shiny phones you hold in your hand nowadays. Writing iOS since pretty much the first iPhones, my day job is Swift fanatic with a dash of objective C and a side interest in "IoT". I'm currently working at a start up specialising in high tech IoT projects. And Arduino and Pi have been my side interest for ages. Half my flat is connected to one prototype or another.

I started the Swift compiler for Arduino UNO when I had drunk far too much coffee one day and I've been doing it ever since."

Carl on Twitter
Carl on GitHub
Carl on Linkedin

Swift for Arduino project:
Twitter: @swiftforarduino
Email: [masked]
Facebook: swiftforarduino

Mark Santa Ana is the developer evangelist for Intecture with experience of both operational and development teams. He is one of organiser of the Rust London User Group.

Mark on Twitter
Mark on Github

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