Ontologies in Neo4j: Semantics and Knowledge Graphs

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 18:30
Neo4j - London User Group

Mapping your movie DB in Neo4j to schema.org for publishing? Defining a hierarchy of labels/relationships and having Neo4j interpret it on the fly? KR is the area of AI that enables Explainable Inferences. In this talk, I’ll show how to use KR in the form of Ontologies in Neo4j w practical examples.

Ontologies have two main purposes:
* being explicit definitions of shared vocabularies for interoperability
* being actionable fragments of explicit knowledge that general purpose engines can use for inferencing.
Although they have been considered exclusive of the Semantic Web/Linked Data community, we’ll see that Graph Databases like Neo4j can democratize their use by giving them a pragmatic angle.

Jesús Barrasa is a Neo4j field engineer based in London. He combines over 15 years of professional experience in consulting and professional services in the Information management space. Prior to joining Neo4j, Jesús worked at Ontology Systems for seven years where he got first hand experience with large graph database deployments in many successful graph-based projects for major telecommunications companies all over the world.
Jesús holds a Ph.D. in Computing Science from the Politécnica University of Madrid, where he carried out his research on graph data modeling and Semantic Technologies.

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