Observability for Distributed Systems

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 12:30
Pivotal London Talks

Distributed systems, microservices, automation and orchestration, multiple persistence layers, containers and schedulers ... today's infrastructure is a Cambrian explosion of novelty and complexity. How is a humble engineer to make sense of it all? That's where observability comes in: engineering your systems to be understandable, explorable and self-explanatory. Let's talk about what modern tooling is for complex systems, and how to bootstrap a culture of observability.

About the speaker:

Charity Majors

Charity is a cofounder and CEO of Honeycomb.io, a startup that blends the speed of time series with the raw power of rich events to give you interactive, iterative debugging of complex systems. She has worked at companies like Facebook, Parse, and Linden Lab, as a systems engineer and engineering manager, but always seems to end up responsible for the databases too. She loves free speech, free software and a nice peaty single malt.