The New Frontier: AI + Service Design | Futurice

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 19:00
Service Lab London


So, AI? What's all that about then? And how will it impact on Service Design?

This hands-on workshop from the uber-bright Futurice crowd will help you get to grips with the subject by getting you to design something from scratch. 

We start with a deep dive into exploring the new mindset, what AI is good for, and the emerging frontier of integrated intelligence in UX design while keeping human factors and intent as the focus. We will give you time to design using tools and approaches we have been creating for this emerging area. 

You'll be in the very capable hands of:

Daryl Weir / Senior Data Scientist

Daryl is a data scientist with a focus on machine learning and Bayesian analysis. In a previous life he was an academic researcher, working on tools that used machine learning and optimization methods to support the ideation process of designers making web page wireframes.

Annina Antinranta / Lead Service Designer

Annina designs customer experiences of tomorrow with a particular focus on bridging digital and physical worlds. She has a diverse background in service design, ux design, branding and product design and she has been working with various types of customers from banking to theme parks. With her interest in futures thinking and new technologies, she aims at stretching boundaries between the fields of design and tech.

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Love + peace 

The ServiceLab Team


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