Monday 22nd January 2018 - Docker London Meetup

Monday, January 22, 2018 - 18:30
Docker London

Kick off the new year with four great talks!


6.30pm - Doors open! Food sponsored by Spotinst

7pm - Speakers from AVI Networks, Rancher, Spotinst and TBA.

1) The Reaper: Keeping a Rancher environment healthy and resilient via controlled destruction, David Sanftenberg, Cardano

In this talk we’ll reveal how we keep our Rancher environments healthy, and test their resilience at the same time, by taking a page from the Netflix playbook and proactively destroying and recreating hosts in our live production environments, with zero downtime. David Sanftenberg is a DevOps Engineer originally from Montreal, Canada. He spent his early career as an SDET on .Net and NodeJS platforms before transitioning to a DevOps / SecDevOps focus. He’s now building a cutting-edge Docker/Cloud (Azure) deployment using Rancher for Cardano ( here in London.

2) Docker Security and Web Application Firewalls, AVI Networks
Docker security is a growing concern to Enterprises as the applications deployed become higher profile and/or customer facing. While there are many well-documented ways to secure Docker containers themselves, the primary attack surface will be the application itself. Web Application Firewalls (WAF) can be used to mitigate this threat but traditional WAF solutions lack the flexibility and agility that is demanded by container deployments. In this session Avi will discuss the need for application firewalling and how rich application security functionality can be added to Docker applications without impacting the speed and agility of deployment

3) Run Rancher, Kubernetes, Swarm, Nomad and ECS for 80% Less - Spotinst
In this talk we will explore how Spotinst's AI powered CI/CD platform is being used by startups and enterprises to run mission critical applications on Spot Instances, Preembtible VMs and Low-Priority VMs. We will look at their autoscaler that learns and performs tetris scaling to further improve efficiency and lower costs.

4) Super secret talk by Google.

8.45pm - Wrap up + Pub

Note: Meetup RSVP does not guarantee entry. Seating will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis with priority to those who have registered. You must provide your full name for Google building security.

We aim to make Docker London a safe, welcoming environment but attendees and speakers. Please read the Docker code of conduct -


This meetup wouldn't be happening without our wonderful sponsors!

Katacoda (, Learn Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Native applications using free interactive labs directly in your browser!

Tecknuovo (, a DevOps recruitment agency. We apply the same principles that guide DevOps environments to everything we do. That means being invested in the technology sector as a whole, not just our role within it.

AVI Networks (, 30 Seconds to Application Services in Any Data Center or Cloud.

Rancher (, Complete container management platform. Deploy and manage Kubernetes with ease.

Docker (, something to do with containers.

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