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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 18:00
The London Android Group - Londroid

Join us for the 10th Londroid of 2017, held at the Microsoft offices. 

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Evening Schedule: 

6:00 - Registration open 

6:40 - Welcome 

6:45 - Talk one: Styling at ASOS 

7:15 - Break 

7:20 - Talk Two:The emoji is the birth of a new type of language 

7:40 - Q&A 

7:45 - Talk Three: GIFs 

8:05 - Q&A 

8:10 - Social at Microsoft 

9:00 - Close

Styling at ASOS

With a large team of developers, maintaining an ever growing collection of styles, colours, custom fonts and dimensions gets tedious and can become a costly endeavour. For a company obsessed with style, it’s important for us to get the look and feel of our app spot on. We’ll show you how we’ve gone about creating a simple framework born out of collaboration between the Android team and UX to make delivering pixel perfect apps easier. 

Speaker - Horace Bell-Gam 

Horace is a senior Android developer at ASOS – the online fashion retailer not ASUS! After seven years working on Android, he’s now part of the team looking after the ASOS shopping app, doing his best to ensure it remains pixel perfect. When not writing code, he can be found playing/ watching football, adding to his sneaker collection or making sweet treats in the kitchen.



Emoji - “The emoji is the birth of a new type of language” (Wired 2016) 

Alice Rosam & Olli Jones

Being a natural language company we’re super keen on understanding this new language. We’ve shared emoji reports over the years, and even helped Oxford Dictionary analyse trends leading to them announcing the tears of joy emoji as word of the year 2015. In this talk we touch upon some of the insights we’ve gleamed over the last couple of years. We'll walk through why sending emoji on Twitter takes up loads of characters, how to survive the emoji implementation on Android and how to propose your own emoji.


Alex Rowbottom & Beatriz Viñal Murciano

In this talk we'll share what we've learned when developing our GIF insertion feature. We'll compare different ways of rendering GIFs in an app, touch upon how we obtain them via the Bing API and talk about sending rich content on Android and the challenges of typing within a keyboard to allow searching for GIFs. 

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