Looking, Seeing, and Understanding Groups with Carolyn

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 18:30
Agile Coaching Exchange

Ben and I had the pleasure of being trained by Carolyn on our Barefoot coaching course. Not being from the Agile world Carolyn has so much insight to provide from her vast experiences of coaching.

About the Session
Working with complexity and interdependence is the way of the Agile community. How do we actually do this, well? This session will discuss some of the points that turn up again and again when working with groups. We will have some theory, discussion and interaction to discover our own preferred ways of seeing things, how we build meaning and how this develops systems, within systems, within systems.

About the Speaker
Carolyn McDonald has many strings to her bow. She has been a charity CEO, run an addiction centre, developed government policy, facilitates staff groups working in difficult environments and is an Executive Coach and coach trainer as part of Barefoot Coaching. She is absolutely passionate about how teams, groups and networks come together. She utilizes all her training and experience to learn from each group how we relate and work together both for and against the system we are within.

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