London Django Meetup

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 19:00
The London Django Meetup Group

Arrive at Code Node from 6:30pm for talks starting at 7pm, followed by socialising in the Code Node Space Bar and then The Red Lion.

Please note: in order to attend, you need to be registered on Skills Matter too:


Practical Redis with Django / Python
by Antonio Melé

Redis is a versatile tool that can be very useful in your Python/Django projects. In this talk you will learn how Redis can be used in multiple different scenarios, with real examples of building counters, leaderboards, analytics' tools, and a recommendation engine. Get to know practical uses of Redis with different real cases and learn best practices when using it with Django.

Using Django to baseline and analyse Sql Server performance at Transport for London
by Chris Wedgwood

As a Sql Server DBA at Transport for London a big part of my job is analysing sql performance and ensuring our applications scale. There are third party tools you can pay lots of money to do database performance analysis but these are really expensive and sometimes there isn't the budget for this. I decided to make my own. The first challenge was capturing metrics and then the second challenge was having a web front end that can quickly show developers where their applications are hurting. In this talk I will outline the approach I have taken to achieve
this and demonstrate how I incorporated Django.

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