London DevOps #31

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 18:30
London DevOps

6:45pm - Welcome Talk

7:00pm - Ivan Pedrazas: DevOps, Microservices & Immutable architecture

Building microservices seems very good on paper but more and more, we hear about horror stories of microservices implementations gone very wrong. During this talk, Ivan will explain the concepts behind immutable architecture and how to plan, measure and manage a microservices platform using immutable architecture principles inspired by our learnings running immutable infrastructure.

7:30pm - Honey Bajaj & Sameer Arora: SapientRazorfish's DevOps Journey

Honey and Sameer will be sharing SapientRazorfish's experiences working across enterprises with a multitude of toolsets (ranging from modern system (eg. ReactJS/microservices/big data), single stack solution to mainframes) and how they have been able to break silos. This involves creating accelerators based on system archetypes, and changing mindset and culture across
broader teams.

7:45pm - Josh Dvir: Managing Applications with Kubernetes, Kops and Terraform

Container Orchestration is big in containers at the moment and Josh will be delivering use the highs and lows, triumphs and pitfalls of implementing Kubernetes into AWS using Kops and Terraform.

Josh will show a real world implementation of a client, explaining all the design decisions had to be taken along the way, tools he used to make sure the cluster is stable and scalable.

8:15pm - Socialising

9:00pm - Pub


Eden House, 8 Spital Square, London