Le Wagon Talk with Jeff Lynn, cofounder at Seedrs

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 19:00
Le Wagon London - Coding School

Come and meet Jeff Lynn, Executive Chairman and co-founder at Seedrs, on November 15th.

Seedrs is one of the most successful equity crowdfunding platforms in Europe. It lets investors invest as much or as little as they like in the startups of their choice, and enables companies to raise capital from friends, family, angels, institutions and the crowds, all through a simple, online process.

Revolut quite famously raised £4 million in less than 24 hours on Seedrs. They could have raised up to £17 million, had they decided to accept all the money their 40,000 investors wanted to invest.

So far, 530 companies have raised funds through Seedrs, which represents a total of £260 million invested on the platform. 

Jeff co-founded Seedrs in 2009. He began is career as corporate lawyer in New York and London and serves as a Non-Executive Director of Companies House. 

He has been named one of the top 10 coolest people in UK tech by Business Insider and one of the most influential men in Britain by GQ.

Come and meet Jeff, Le Wagon staff, current students and alumni! 

Le Wagon London

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