Imperial Fringe: Intelligence Redesigned

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 17:00
Imperial College London
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Artificial Intelligence could help solve some of the great challenges of our time, shape tomorrow’s world and even make our home lives that bit more comfortable. Come find out how!

From virtual personal assistants, electronic heart surgeons, digital film critics and a robotic companion for autistic children with a knack for impressions, say hi to AI and meet the real people behind the latest developments and applications in artificial intelligence.

'Intellgience Redesigned' is the latest in Imperial College’s Fringe series of free public events where different research themes are brought to life by the creativity and passion of Imperial academics, students and staff through live demonstrations, arty workshops, interactive experiments and inspiring talks.

  • Meet Zeno, a robot with a knack for impressions who is helping autistic children understand emotions

  • Test your mental skills with an AI tool for neuroscientists investigating how are brains are wired

  • Meet the machines teaching themselves to spot the signs of heart complications

  • Say hi to Olly, a personal assistant for your home that creates its personality based on yours

  • Shake hands with our smiley, long armed robot using machine learning to interact with the world 

  • Take a vitality reality tour through a 3D brain map created by artificial intelligence to improve future AI tech

  • Get your face 3D scanned by machine learning experts and plastic surgeons aiming to improve facial reconstruction operations

  • Decide whether to trust an electronic film reviewer as it struggles to interpret our opinions

  • Watch researchers control a robot with their mind using a brain computer interface could aid the rehabilitation of stroke patients

  • Cross the road in front of our intelligent autonomous vehicle software which studies how pedestrians behave to avoid crashes

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