How the JVM executes Java

Monday, July 24, 2017 - 18:30
London Java Community

When Java was released in 1995 it was slow, a reputation it has carried for many years... Today Java can give performance that is comparable to C++ and can emit instructions that are more optimal than code which is statically compiled. But how? This talk will take a tour of code and the journey through the JVM and the optimisations in between. Using practical examples, JVM flags and the Open Source JIT Watch we will explore what the JVM does in an adaptation of the classic Hello World program, you'll never look at Java in the same way again.

**Please note that this talk is the same one that James is giving to the Docklands.LJC on 10 July. We are delighted that James has is available to speak at Skills Matter too, as this maximises the number of members who can hear the talk. 

James Gough is a technical trainer and writer specialising in Java. He spends the majority of his time teaching advanced Java and concurrency courses to developers with varying technical backgrounds. He serves on the Java Community Process Executive Committee and contributed towards the design and testing of JSR-310, the date time system built for Java 8. James is a regular public speaker and helps organise events at the London Java Community.


6:15 Doors open

6:30 Talk starts

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