Haptics & Human-Machine Interface Showcase Conference

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 10:00
Digital Catapult Centre
Human-Machine: The Magic In Between

Join Digital Catapult for a one-day conference that will bring together entrepreneurs, researchers, creatives and investors to discuss the applications of haptic and associated technologies. The conference will touch on ethical considerations and the benefits that the technology presents across various elements of our life such as enhancing our mental health, unlocking creativity and and humanising products.

This conference forms part of the first Digital Catapult Showcase in the Immersive Lab. This event will shine a light on three UK companies who are developing new technologies designed to bring humans and machines closer together. At this event you will get the chance to interact with each of the following products, as well as meet members of the teams who developed them.

  • Kurv is a '3D Mouse' which aims to provide fine-control for immersive experiences and allows users to interact with augmented and virtual reality using touch, motion and gestures.

  • Ultrahaptics brings the sense of touch to mid-air. Its technology uses ultrasound to project sensations onto your hand, allowing you to feel and engage with virtual objects, without the need for gloves, wearables or hand-held devices.

  • VRGO is the world's first seated input that provides directional control in VR. Simply by tilting the chair in the direction you want to move you move in that direction within the virtual space.

Haptic technologies include tactile feedback technology that uses the sense of touch. Through this technology, we are able to perceive sensations when using electronic devices, making the user experience more physical and realistic and bringing us closer to fully immersive computing.

Whether you realise it or not, haptic technologies and new human-machine interfaces have made their way into our daily lives and range from error feedback on airplane joysticks, vibrations on your smartphone, to temperature variation and smell pods. The market for haptic technology continues to grow at a fast pace and is estimated to be worth $2.8bn by 2027. This is primarily owing to the demand for various consumer electronic devices globally.

Agenda to follow.

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With thanks to the Selection Committee: Alex Peet, Product Development Lead at Central Research Laboratories; Aurelien Simon, Head of Immersive at Digital Catapult; Becky Gregory-Clarke, Lead Technologist at Digital Catapult; Imogen Heap, Singer, songwriter, record producer and independent audio engineer; Simon King, Investment Manager at Octopus Ventures; Steven Snooks, EU Partnership Development Lead at SubPac and Tamara Sword, Co-Founder of Infltr and Tech Writer.

Digital Catapult Centre

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