Hands On Session - Extreme Start Up

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 18:30
London Software Craftsmanship

This month we're bringing back the Extreme Startup hands on session, which we last organised back in 2015. We had a lot of fun and we're looking forward to exploring this as a group together again.

Extreme Startup

Our practices are there to help us. They enable us to continue to produce high-quality code even when the business requires us to change direction or strategy. We practice these skills on small problems, and away from the pressure of production code. But what happens to our practices when we increase the pressure? In this dojo, we will simulate the environment of a startup. We create a situation of high uncertainty about the market's needs and ask the teams to develop a product that performs well within the market. Teams will continue to refine and upgrade their software throughout the session. Releasing new versions into the market. Once the software is live it will start to score points, the earlier you release the earlier you score points, and the earlier you learn something new about the market.


Bring a laptop with your favourite language/tools installed ready to build a web server that can respond to requests. I would suggest that you write a minimal "hello world" style web server that you can get running immediately and extend quickly.

Here are some example apps in a variety of languages:


Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

NOTE: Codurance, a company that was born from this very community, is hiring craftsmen and craftswomen to join their teams. Check their website for more information

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