Growth Mindset: Think Your Way To Success

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 18:30
Digital Project Managers London

Have you ever seen someone’s ‘attitude' get in the way of constructive conversation? Ever seen someone’s ego shut down debate? Have you known anyone not fill their potential because they didn’t believe they could? Success is so linked to mindset that changing the way you think can unlock the potential in you, your colleagues and your organisation, and drive successful outcomes.

In this talk we will discuss what are Fixed and Growth mindsets, the effects and implications of each and how to recognise them, with examples from sports and business and the results of academic studies. We will also delve into how to use a growth mindset to further your own personal and professional growth.

After the talk, please feel free to stay and discuss with your peers at the bar!

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About Chris Davies

Chris has spent most of his working life in Financial Services as a developer and project manager. He first adopted Agile in 2008 and had immediate success with it, delighting his customers. Further successes followed with different projects and different companies. For some years, he led Agile improvement at an insurance company and introduced an agile governance approach that is the basis of this presentation.

Today, Chris is an agile coach and consultant, helping teams adopt agile practices and improve their performance, and helping companies see the benefits in doing so and the impediments in the way.