GraphQL London #7 - GraphQL Server: Best Practices by graphcool

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 18:30
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Hi there! Hope you had a smashing start of 2018!

Yay! We are back with another breathtaking *GraphQL meetup*. We are very proud to announce graphcool will be joining us from Berlin to share their expertise with our community. This time around, *General Assembly* will be hosting with their largest room so we can pack lots of GraphQL brains together! Awesome! ✨

Talks and Speakers

• GraphQL Server Tooling & Best Practices (by Søren Bramer Schmidt)

Søren Bramer Schmidt is a founder and CTO of Graphcool responsible for running and scaling thousands of GraphQL servers. Before Graphcool, he was employee #1 at TrustPilot where he helped grow the company to become one of the Top 1000 websites globally.

The GraphQL ecosystem has greatly matured over the last year - and it continues to improve! The community is doing a fantastic job coming up with new abstractions and tools that improve workflows and overall developer experience. A few examples are the GraphQL CLI & graphql-config, GraphQL bindings or the GraphQL Playground. This talk will provide an overview of the different tools and how they fit together when developing GraphQL servers. .

• Introducing Prisma (by Johannes Schickling)

Johannes is a Berlin/SF-based entrepreneur and founder of Graphcool, a GraphQL database proxy & platform. He previously built and sold the VR company *Optonaut*. Johannes studied computer science at KIT, Germany and loves cutting-edge Mobile/Web technologies.

Prisma is an open-source GraphQL API layer that turns your database into a GraphQL API. It is also the core technology powering the Graphcool Framework and now available for everyone to build their own GraphQL servers. Together with GraphQL bindings, it drastically improves developer experience for developing backends that are based on GraphQL.

In this talk, you’ll learn more about what Prisma actually is, how it works, why we built it and of course how you can use to build your own GraphQL servers!

• Building the future: GraphQL at LADbible (by Jason Brown)

Jason Brown is the Engineering Manager at one of the largest social publishing businesses in the world. His team writes software responsible for delivering content to over 100 million users.

In this lightning talk we will give an inside look at how LADbible see the next 5 years of technology taking shape and how GraphQL will help make it happen.

We are very excited about these topics. For the first time we have a talk looking into how to build your GraphQL Server and not only the client side! Don't miss this chance to catch up on GraphQL and register before it's sold out!

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Doors will open at 6:30pm to start at 7pm sharp.

Sounds good? See you there!
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