Got a Problem? Get a Solution! (#GAPGAS) - October 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017 - 18:00
Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers

Got a Problem? Get a Solution!

Crowd-sourced problem-solving for start-ups


Is there something stopping your venture taking off?  

Do you need advice on your product or how to sell it?  

Want to get a feedback from a room full of experience?

Then #GAPGASis for you!

This Month's Speakers


Start Up Obstacles and how to Smash Them

Constantina Katsari from Startdoms -  Investable UK Startups


Constantina is the co-Founder and CEO of Startdoms, a virtual rolling Accelerator for high-growth tech start-ups. Startdom’s innovative business model shows how startups can “disrupt the disruptors” in the industry, and was the first virtual acceleration platform in the world.

Stardoms has created a series of growth acceleration programs that are used by colleges, universities and incubators around the world, and specialises in UK based, web-based businesses with the potential to scale up.


Constantina nurtures a strong network of startups and SMEs in the UK and Greece. She specialises in innovative high-growth online business, fin tech, health apps, communication tools, marketplaces, and SaaS platforms.


She has run several businesses over the past decade supporting hundreds of startups and SMEs in the UK and Europe, helping them to launch innovative products, get funding, position within very competitive markets, and eventually grow and scale their business.


She has founded two tech startups; an e-commerce fashion and accessories company in Greece, and a global start-up that launched in June 2016 and has already accumulated 50,000 users.


Traffic Truffle

Elliott King from MintTwist


Elliott’s ‘Super Tools’ digital marketing workshop provides insight into the latest tools for using with digital marketing and sales tactics to create significantly more new sales and customers for your organisation.


Elliot will also take us through insights from Joff Black on “traffic truffle”, the conversion marketing tool that is changing the game for marketers at SME businesses everywhere.


Elliot is an experienced entrepreneur, and the CEO and co-founder of digital agency MintTwist,  as well as the Co-owner of digital innovation company RadLab Ventures. Elliotts’ digital marketing training course is used by City University, London, and he is a regular speaker on all things Digital, acting as a visiting lecturer for universities and training institutions worldwide.


Elliot started MintTwist with a schoolmate, Alexis Pratsides, and it has grown into a successful and fast-growing multinational digital consultancy working with brands such as the BBC Discovery Channel, and Cass business school supplying digital marketing, training, and design and development services.

What to expect:  

6.00pm  -  Doors open (do get here early, it is a packed out event and we will turn people away when at capacity)

6.30pm  -  Event starts

6.35pm  -  Inspirational talks from fellow founders

7.30pm  -  Open GaP?->GaS! session (your chance to get your problems solved)

8.00pm  -  Networking

9.00pm  -  Close

  How it works: 

The basic premise is to help you solve your current startup problems by giving you an opportunity to briefly explain what you are struggling with to the audience, and they, along with our expert speakers, will suggest solutions for you. In essence, this will be live crowd-sourced problem-solving exercise. 

This event is open to everyone, whether you’re interested in getting a problem solved; or if you don’t have any problems (lucky you!) you may just want to impart and share your years of wisdom, knowledge and experience to help your fellow startups; or you may just want to come and learn about and see what others are doing and working on.

We do have a couple of simple ground rules we'd like you to abide by and which help us keep the event effective and flowing, which are as follows: 

  • DO state who you and your company are

  • DO give context to your startup problem by giving a BRIEF synopsis of what your company does

  • DO state clearly and specifically what problem you are struggling to solve 

  • DON'T answer back to suggestions/solutions being given (save this for the networking afterwards)

  • DON'T pitch/demo your business (whether for investment, co-founders or anything else). We have other events for that. 

Of course there will be plenty of time for networking and socialising as always afterwards and if you’re really good, we’ll even provide some food and drink.

At our GAPGAS events, we use Glisser which allows you to interact with the presentation in real time by allowing you to see the slides on your devices (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) as well as ask and upvote questions, make notes and much more. If you'd like to join in this event using Glisser, simply click here.



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