Getting data from the web using APIs

Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 19:00

This month we'll be learning how to get information out of APIs using Postman.

Many websites offer APIs as a way to get data out of a site, which we can use as an alternative to scraping. Postman is a tool to make these requests to a site's API, and then to display the response data. We'll be learning how to use Postman to make these requests, and then understand what the responses.

Bring a laptop along as this is a practical, hands-on workshop. No programming experience is required. However, if you feel comfortable doing so, please install Postman. If you have trouble doing that, don't worry, we will help you on the day.

Please make sure you're signed up to Dropbox to view our shared doc — and add links to anything data or journalism-related you've seen or worked on to the show and tell section!


7:00 Doors open
7:30 Show and tell
7:40 Tutorial
9:00 Drinks at the George

What is Journocoders?

Journocoders is a monthly meetup for journalists and others working in the media to learn and share technical skills for use in their reporting. We aim to bring the culture of knowledge sharing from the tech industry to journalism and give people the chance to learn and network in a supportive environment with likeminded individuals.

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