GDPR/CyberSecurity Talks & Networking - FREE Drinks & Nibbles! - SOLD OUT!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 18:00
Cybersecurity Talks

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Important Please note - tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, please do not purchase a ticket if you are unable to come as we have limited seating. (Near Old Street Station ) This is your chance to understand how GDPR/Cyber Security is changing and moving forward. With a capacity of 50 people, we are excited to invite you to an engaging talk and some insightful discussion! This is your chance to see GDPR/Cyber Security through the eyes of experts in their field and is not to be missed!!!!!

Come straight after work for 6.00pm to unwind with other professionals at Fora. This will be one of our busiest events to date so to ensure everything moves fluidly, we urge you to arrive on time!

Networking will be done before and after the talks, but the Guest Talks will begin at 6.30 sharp.

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·  6.00 – 6.20 – Doors Open – Networking, 

·  6.20 – 6.30 – Taking seats

·  6.30 SHARP – 7.30 - Guest speaker’s presentations/debates

·  7.30 – 8.00+ Final networking & Drinks


Daryl Flack (CIO of BLOCKPHISH)

·  Daryl has over 17 years' experience in delivering large scale, secure technology solutions and business transformation

·  He has worked in sectors including digital media, retail, legal, construction, central government and defence

·  Cyber Security Lead for Government on the UK Smart Metering roll-out

·  Working in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre

Rehan Martin (BISO of John Lewis)

·  Rehan Martin has over 17 years’ experience in IT and Information Security

·  He has worked for industry leaders and institutions such as Lockheed Martin, Bank of England, HP and Logica (CGI)

·  Passionate about both security technology and the human/cultural impact that needs to be addressed

·  Business Information Security Officer (BISO) for John Lewis

Moyn Uddin - Data Protection practitioner (including in GDPR)

·  Moyn is an experienced security leader with over 30 years in the UK ICT industry, of which 20 years has been in IT, Information and Cyber security.

·  He is certified in GDPR at practitioner (GDR-P) level and had hands-on experience of implanting and leading on both data protection.

·  Security architect, ex CLAS (ITPC) and CESG Certified Professional (CCP) & Security and Information Risk Adviser (SIRA)

·  He is also the lead author for the Foundation and Practitioner training course for RESLIA: Cyber Resilience Best Practices for IT Prenuers.


Speaker:  Daryl Flack (CIO of BLOCKPHISH)

Topic:  The Secret to Building a Culture of Security Awareness

High profile cyber security breaches continue to dominate the news. Experts state that it is no longer a question of if you’ll be breached, but when. Could this happen to you? What can you do to mitigate the cyber threat to your organisation? Even with the best tools and technology in place, your user’s mindset is critical to the successful protection of your organisation.

Join us for a comprehensive and insightful presentation from BLOCKPHISH which will reveal the secret to building a culture of security awareness. This session will be non-technical and is focused on achieving business objectives through optimal user awareness and effective culture change.

Speaker:  Rehan Martin (BISO of John Lewis)

Topic:    Low Tech Threats in A High-Tech World

Low Tech Threats in A High-Tech World Rehan's talk will focus on the need for a holistic approach to Information Security. He will discuss examples of recent cyber alerts where low tech/skills attacks have overcome disciplined security teams in established organisations what can be don't to prevent such attacks

Speaker:  Moyn Uddin (Data Protection practitioner (including in GDPR)

Topic:  Risk Based Approach To GDPR

GDPR is mainly about managing risk to the data subject (individual's privacy) as well as the business. With GDPR enforcement only few months away the presenter explores what it means to take a risk based approach to GDPR and what organisations should do to manage the risk to both the business and individuals


Fora | 71 Central Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 8AB

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Please purchase a ticket here:

Important Please note - tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, please do not purchase a ticket if you are unable to come as we have limited seating.


71 Central Street Clerkenwell London EC1V 8AB