Full day (Saturday) Power BI workshop

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 10:00
London Business Analytics Group

UPDATE: Course is now full.  We are arranging another one for the 2nd or 9th December. 

Please email Matt Wilcock for more details. Note: we have to charge to cover room hire costs.

Update: We have put the course on EventBrite here.  We will enrol on a first-pay basis.   Signing up on meetup does not reserve you a place.

This  is for people who analyse data in their day-to-day job. The objective is that after the workshop  you  have a broad understanding of how to visualise and gain insight from their data using Power BI and the confidence to get started.

This is a practical course split into several sessions.  Each session will start will a quick introduction and objectives, followed by a short demo, then most time is for guided exercises.

Each session will use a different dataset so you have lots of variety and because datasets differ a great deal and require different techniques to extract value from them.  They are drawn from health, economics, finance.  During the sessions, we’ll look at how much people in different countries drink – and how long they live; investigate why passengers survived or perished on the Titanic; analyse the text of a BBC News article; and, if time allows, visualise the risk and revenue of a (fictitious) bank.

The course will teach these techniques through the sessions

• Import data from common sources (CSV, Excel, database,…)

• Clean and transform data – deal wth bad data, filtering , group summarise, unpivot data..

• Calculate results; sums, averages and also time-intelligence measures such as year-to-date values.

• Build dashboards of several visuals, including bar, line, scatter, line, box-plots, matrix and table visuals, …

• Analyse  – averages, trends, cluster, map geospatial data, do some text analytics

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