Fintech for Social Good: A Look at Property Crowdfunding

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 18:00
Birkbeck Careers & Employability
FinTech in Society and its Potential for Social Good: A look at Property Crowdfunding  “The value in fintech is how it is evolving and supporting our economy and society by creating fairer, more transparent and more inclusive financial services"

Yielders UK is a crowdfunding property investment platform that puts UK property investment within your reach. Our assets are already funded and provide pre-defined rental incomes, which means our investors have the potential to start earning returns almost immediately.


Speaker on the Night:

Zeeshan Uppal: Co-founder of Yielders 

"Zeeshan began his career in financial crime working on one of the largest transformation projects in the city. Zeeshan has proven ability to deliver innovative and effective solutions that positively impact business performance having designed and implemented, process improvements, strategies, operating models and governance on a number of global investment banking projects.

He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist which combined with his experience in the banking sector, ensures that Yielders minimises its risk profile and aligns to all FCA requirements. His overall objective is to ensure continued development of the platform and aid in identifying investment opportunities for all Yielders.

  The presentation will cover:

1. How technology is enabling change in the financial markets

  • Outline what fintech is and different segments: ie. Banking, Insurance, Legal/ Regtech and Peer to Peer Lending/Crowdfunding
  • Exists an opportunity for fintech to progress society: job creation, providing social and economic opportunities for UK and global economy, driving competition, giving consumers greater choice and technology enabled innovation, financial inclusion etc 
  • Highlight and give examples of each segments potential to contribute to the greater good


2. How Yielders (Falls in Peer-to-peer/crowdfunding segment of fintech) is using technology to offer ethical alternative for investment

  • Explain Yielders model
  • Greater good: financial inclusion by providing broader access to previously inaccessible investment class, no leveraging (contributed to financial crisis) therefore less risk as no debt, rental agreements with social housing authorities etc. 


3. Consider how to use fintech in future to enable change for the greater good. 


4. Q&A

Come and join us for an insightful evening with Zeeshan Uppal and explore the world of Property Crowdfunding!