Designing digital services that feel human

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 19:00
Service Lab London


Service Lab meet Adaptive Lab! 

Adaptive Lab are a whip-smart, new breed of agency who design businesses. They have heaps of experience in designing for heavily regulated businesses like banks and telcos. Are stuffed, to the gills, with amazing folk. And, most importantly for us, build groundbreaking services. 

We're exceedingly pleased to have enticed them to come and give a talk.

They will be exploring how to make digital services more human. When should you be using chat bots instead of real people in your services? How do you create online helpers that feel human, but not too human? When is the right time to disclose that you may be chatting to a bot? Data and AI can be used in services to tell us what you did, but not why. How can we train algorithms to understand what we do in a human way? Where is the digital / human tipping point? 

Exploring the topic along with you will be Ross Breadmore of Lloyds, Ramzi Yakob of Aviva and Jess Leitch of Adaptive Lab. See below for more details.

If you're at all interested in the future of digital services this evening is for you.

Book quick, this one will be a sell-out.

Love + peace

The Service Lab Team

Ross Breadmore, Head of Service Design at Lloyds Banking Group

Ross is helping transform key customer journeys at Lloyds by using design and systems thinking. Before this he ran the innovation team at Synechron and before that at Bold Rocket, in both roles developing innovative financial products and services. 

He'll be talking about the very human nature of service design within one of the UK’s largest and most complex service providers. Whether designing services that exist through telephony, branch or AI, how the human must remain at the core of any design process.

Why settle for making digital services more human? 

Ramzi Yakob, Digital Strategy Lead at Aviva 

If all we're hoping for is functional parity then we're not aiming high enough. 
From marketing and communications through to product development and business transformation, Ramzi’s journey has led him to the conclusion that every part of the industry has a common goal. That all of us are in service of helping businesses to create a successful link between need and use and that by thinking in these simple terms we can re-frame how we approach our work for the better. 

He recently joined Aviva as the Digital Strategy Lead for Global Digital Product & Design; officially to deliver transformative, digital products and services and unofficially to learn how to adult because pensions are confusing.

Jess Leitch,  Service Design Principal at Adaptive Lab

Jess is obsessed with making service design practical and increasing the love between product and service design.  She mostly uses service design to improve experiences to increase customer loyalty, but she's also been known to use it to make sure that employees know what to do with the new service. She's also a guest lecturer at Ravensbourne college. 

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