Creating 3D Printable Art with OpenJSCAD

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 19:00
Algorithmic Art

This month we're lucky to have James Porter explain how we can algorithmically create 3D printable objects, and lead a hands-on workshop with 3 fun challenges.


OpenJSCAD allows you to create 3D-printable shapes with javascript using only a web browser. It is a bit like OpenProcessing which you might have encountered at previous Algorithmic Art sessions, but for 3D objects.

In this workshop James will introduce OpenJSCAD and teach us everything we need to know to create 3-dimensional algorithmic art ready for 3D printing.

This will be a hands-on tutorial - please bring a laptop with a modern web browser - there's no need to install any software. Some experience of javascript will be useful, and if you've done our previous p5js tutorials you'll be fine.

After a short introduction we will split into groups to tackle 3 open ended challenges with OpenJSCAD.

We will conclude with a quick talk on how to take what we've learned further and actually print our creations. We'll also have a show and tell for anyone who wants to share what they have created.

James will also bring along a series of his own 3D printed objects so we can more directly appreciate the possibilities.

Please also sign up on the skillsmatter site:

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