Connecting The World Through IOT

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 18:00
The UX Crunch - London's Largest UX Networking Event

Connecting The World Through IOT

We're exploring a more connected world this month, discussing how smart devices are transforming our homes, healthcare and the cities around us in the ever changing world of smart devices. How do we design products and services for the Internet of Things which deliver a more human experience.

It's not a 'Back to the Future' marathon, it's happening right now. We're designing a more connected world and inviting you to join the discussion!

We'll be joined by:

Avril O'Neil - Co-founder & Creative Director @ Ding Products

Tim Daines - UX & Service Designer (Previously) Cambrige Consultants

Priya Prakash - Founder @ D4SC (Design for Social Change)

Panellist - Alberta Soranzo - E2E Service Design Directo @ Lloyds Banking Group




We require you to buy an advanced ticket – Please make sure you purchased a ticket to secure your place! Price includes entry to the event, plus drinks (Beers, Wines, Soft Drinks) and food!!

Important please note - tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, so please do not purchase a ticket if you are unable to come as we have limited seating and must purchase the correct amount of food and drink.



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Tuesday 17th April 2018 @ The Pentagon, 48 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4XX

The internet of things is driven by the idea that our dependance on screens is not the concluding form in human's connection with the world around us. It suggests that by using sensors and building an infrastructure around us, practically any object can be networked.

As experience designers it is our duty to ensure that the human needs are at the core of the design process. If a product doesn't solve a real human need, what's the point of fancy connected technology?

In this event we are asking what realistically need to be connected. We will be speaking with designers working on the cutting edge of IOT, leveraging the technology to offer more connected homes, intelligent reactive medical devices and smarter cities.

Join us to explore how by utilising this technology, we are able to bring humans and computers closer than ever before, to design seamless experiences which will transform how we interact with the world around us forever.

Check out the speakers below... full line-up coming shortly!

With space for 150, we would like to invite you straight from work. With doors opening at the earlier time of 6pm, introductions starting at 6.20 and talks starting at 6.30pm, please aim to arrive on time! We've got some great talks lined up, offering excellent case studies too, so please book now to avoid disappointment.

Hiring managers are welcome, and if you are interested in hosting or sponsoring an event with us (and would like to get a taste of what we do), please get in touch with Myles McMorrow and we can hold you a ticket!

Tweet the event @TheUXCrunch and let’s get the ball rolling! We look forward to seeing you soon!!!


Agenda & Talks available on Eventbrite Link

Lloyds Bank

The Pentagon