Coding for a Better World

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 18:30
ThoughtWorks London Events

As developers, we like to think in stories and epics. One of our favourite story goes like this: As technologists we want to use our skills and expertise to improve human welfare. Sounds beyond reach to you? Simply join our session about humanitarian software and learn about OpenMRS.

OpenMRS is an open source software system for capturing and processing medical records. The system is mainly used in the global south to run hospitals and helps improving the standard of medical care. The software is developed and maintained by a large international community and, by joining our session, you may become the next member of that community.

Our session is both fun and mind‐opening: whilst coding away (the fun part) people learn about an aspect of software development that is very different from most of our daytime jobs (the mind‐opening part).

After a brief introduction and fine-tuning your development environments, we start building working software for a good cause. To minimise time spent on setting up the development environment, please prepare your machines in advance. A 'cookbook' for setting up the dev environment in Mac, Linux or Windows will be circulated before the session.

Skills & expectations:

Developers of all experience levels, BAs, QAs

We'll start working on the system straight away, after a short introduction

About Tobias, our organiser:

As a software developer at ThoughtWorks, Tobias is interested in tackling complex problems by enabling people and teams rather than dictating solutions from above.

Driven by a passion for Agile methodologies he strives to bring back the happy human being to the centre of software development.


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