Clitocopia: Cliteracy and WebVR

Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 19:00
Algorithmic Art

Earlier in 2017, Sinead ( and her husband Francois ( talked us through their Clitoris Vulgaris ( project, algorithmically generated twitter art, as part of a wider effort to raise awareness of half the world's anatomy. Their work touched on 3-d models, colour models, natural language processing to create plausible scientific names, and an insight into how bots interact with each other.


We're very lucky to have Sinead Doyle and Francois Hoehl back to talk us through their latest project Clitocopia ( - taking on similar themes into a three dimensional virtual world.

Sinead and Francois will talk us through the objectives of the project, demystifying - in a fun and engaging way - the female body, about which there is still ignorance, even in the medical profession.

WebVR and A-Frames

Sinead will also take us through her journey creating an immersive virtual reality, from creating 3d models, the challenges of mapping textures, using neural networks to select objects to create the world, through to developing a "gameplay" that was self-discovered and satisfying.

She'll also be giving a quick introduction to WebVR ( - a new open standard for virtual reality through a browser.

You can explore Clitocopia on any modern browser - but its' even better on a mobile device - here's the link: - you might want to turn the volume down if in public or at work!


The sessions starts at 7pm, but you can arrive from 6.30pm onwards. The venue has refreshments and free tea/coffee.

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