Client-side web performance for back-end developers with Bart Read!

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 18:30
OpenSource & Agile Community Events

Web applications are becoming increasingly interactive. As a result, more code is shifting to the client, and JavaScript performance has become a key factor for many web applications, both on desktop and mobile. Devices nowadays offer a wide variety of form factors and capabilities. On top of this, connectivity – whilst widely available across many markets – varies considerably in quality and speed. Come and join Bart in this months DDDX Bytes where you will learn to overcome the challenges presented from anyone who wants to offer a great user experience across the board, along with a need to carefully consider what actually constitutes “the board”!

In this session Bart is going to show you how to optimize performance on the client side to give your users the best experience. You’ll take an in depth look at Chrome Dev Tools, and how the suite of debugging, data collection and diagnostic tools it provides can help you diagnose and fix performance issues on the desktop and Android mobile devices. You’ll also take a look at using Safari to analyse and debug web applications running on iOS.


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WHAT: Client-side web performance for back-end developers with Bart Read!

WHEN: Thursday, 16th November

WHERE: Skills Matter, CodeNode


Skills Matter at CodeNode

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