The Certainty Principle

Monday, April 23, 2018 - 19:00
UX Playground - User Experience Design Meetup for Londoners

By guest speaker Denise Hampson

If you have ever found yourself checking the weather forecast, listening to sports pundits, choosing a holiday based on photographs of the resort or read a horoscope then you have taken part in the certainty game. Ever since humans developed the ability to think about the future and learn from the past we have become obsessed with trying to figure out what we’re going to get!

In online experiences, people look for clues to give them certainty they are doing and choosing the right thing. As designers, you can lever this principle to improve the user experience. This workshop explores the human instinct to look for certainty, how it shows up in our everyday lives and how it can be levered to make services, both digital and non-digital more desirable and engaging.

By the end of the session you will be able to:

· Recognise certainty behaviour where it shows up.
· Identify opportunities to embed both explicit and subtle ‘certainty’
features in your digital services.
· Understand the downside of offering too much certainty to users.

Another hands-on session with exercises, discussions, and introduction to an exciting new UX design topic.

About Denise Hampson
Denise Hampson is a Consultant Behavioural Economist and Service Designer and has worked with a wide range of organisations including a number of central government departments. She is the author of Desire Code, a framework for behavioural transformation, and speaks internationally on the subject of behaviour change.

Denise was a member of the Great Britain Track Cycling Team from 1999 to 2004, during which time she was British Women's Sprint Champion and British record holder.

Prior to her athletic career, she was a Systems Engineer at BAE Systems, specialising in human-system interaction and cockpit design on military aircraft. This is what started her career-long obsession with human-centred design and creating systems and services that are best matched to real human behaviour.

She writes a regular blog, the Desire Code Blog, on behavioural economics and service design which you can find at

Let’s get together to collaborate, invent and create products that people will be love. I look forward to another UX Playground event and hope you will be joining us.

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