Business, Analytics & Data Science Meetup 19

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 18:30
Business, Analytics and Data Science

Hi Everyone,

We're delighted to announce our 19th Meetup, the fifth one in 2018, in a new venue at the Microsoft Reactor

We've got another great line up of speakers organised and we can't wait to catch up with you again. As always, the emphasis will be on business outcomes derived from data science. We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

Please do update your rsvp status, as it could mean freeing up spaces for some people on the waiting list, especially as it gets closer to the event.

Here's what's in store:

6.30pm: Arrival , Drinks, and Networking

6:55pm: Welcome and Opening remarks, Kim Nilsson, CEO, Pivigo

7.00pm: Thordis Thorsteins, Panaseer Limited
Data Science in Cyber Security

7.25pm: Tom Ewing, Principal Data Scientist, Dept for Transport

7.50pm: S2DS Team , Lightning Talk, AstraZeneca
7.55pm: S2DS Team , Lightning Talk, EDF

8.00 pm: Drinks, Finger Food and More Networking

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Thordis Thorsteins is a security data scientist at Panaseer. Having a background in mathematics, she was originally brought to data science by a keen interest in the interplay of computer science and mathematics. Before joining Panaseer, she worked at the National Bank of Iceland where she developed models to predict the probability of groups of customers going into default. At Panaseer, she and the team provide the analysis needed for customers to understand their security position and take data driven decisions regarding their cyber hygiene.
From media coverage of mysterious hackers acting in unpredictable ways it can seem like a daunting task to keep an organisation secure. What these sometimes sensational news stories fail to portray is that most cyber-attacks are not very sophisticated. The majority of successful attacks actually take advantages of weaknesses that we know how to fix.In this talk Thordis will illustrate how data science makes a pro-active cyber security approach possible and talk about some of the challenges of analysing security data.

Tom Ewing is Principal Data Scientist for the Department for Transport, and leads their data science team and capability. He loves building data related things, in particular machine learning models and data viz web applications.
In his spare time he enjoys giving talks, going to Hackathons, participating in Kaggle competitions, beer and Pizza.Tom's talk revolves around a project to automate the Public consultation process, where the public, government and industry are invited to have their say on potential policies. Like all projects, a lot was learned during delivery and Tom will be talking about what was delivered, what he and his team learned, and how they're improving both the application they developed and their own processes as a result.

Microsoft Reactor

70 Wilson Street