Building a Product Users Want - Roman Pichler

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 18:30
Agile Coaching Exchange

About the Session

We spend most of our time working on digital products with tactical tasks: writing and prioritising users stories, making design and architecture decision, implementing and testing software, gathering and analysing user feedback and data, and updating the product backlog. While attention to detail is necessary to develop a great product, we are in danger of no longer seeing the wood for the trees if we focus too much on the details. In the worst case, we develop a product with amazing features and cutting-edge technologies that nobody really wants and needs. This talk will help you avoid this mistake by showing how you can create an effective product strategy that clearly communicates the value the product should create for the users and the business, and that serves as an input for the product roadmap and backlog thereby guiding the tactical work.

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