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Monday, August 14, 2017 - 18:00
London Android

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Join us for the 8th Londroid of 2017, where we will be at the Bloomberg office. 

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Evening Schedule: 

5:45 - Registration open

6:40 - Welcome

6:45 - Talk one - Developing applications targeting Purpose-built Android devices

7:15 - Break 

7:20 - Talk Two: Android Release Process in Bloomberg 

7:50 - Q&A 

8:00 - Social at Bloomberg 

9:00 - Close 


Talk One: Developing applications targeting Purpose built Android devices 

Whilst a clear market share winner in the consumer sphere, Android has historically lagged behind iOS in Enterprise Deployments with iOS being perceived as more secure, more consistent and more manageable by businesses. Android are fighting back on multiple fronts with enterprise features coming to the fore from Marshmallow onwards and key partnerships with companies who build ruggedized, task specific devices. These are the devices you have seen when signing for a parcel delivery or scanning your own shopping in a supermarket. This talk will go through some of the unique challenges facing application developers on those ruggedized devices, for example a single device is designed to be in use for 5+ years and support at least 3 dessert flavours. The application might not have network access to Google services or perhaps the same application will be required to interface with different manufacturers' barcode scanning hardware in the same deployment.

Speaker: Darryn Campbell

Darryn Campbell is the Software development architect for the Mobile Computing Business at Zebra Technologies which builds rugged enterprise mobile computers for use in retail, transportation, warehouse, healthcare and other industries. Darryn works closely with customers and developers to ensure our SDKs and developer tools align with expectations as well as come up with solutions and new features to drive product requirements. During his 10+ years at Motorola / Zebra he has worked as a software lead and architect for platforms ranging from Windows CE / Windows Mobile to Android and is currently involved in integrating enterprise hardware with the new Google Enterprise Android features.


Talk Two: Android Release Process in Bloomberg 

This talk introduces principles used by professional software development companies to ensure the quality of their product is permanently maintained. The principles apply to any software release where stability is paramount. With a focus on Android, this talk touches on the key areas, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work involved in delivering stable and quality software.

Speaker: Aristos Tofallis 

I am a Senior Engineer and Release Manager at Bloomberg with over 10 years of industry experience, where I have been focused and passionate about quality software development, involved in all aspects of development, including infrastructure management, feature inception, development, test automation and release engineering. I have spent the last 3 years working on the Bloomberg Professional Android App - continuously improving the Android Release Process and making sure we ship the most stable software possible. This involves many different tools including Jenkins, Github integration, FindBugs, SonarQube and many others.


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